About JMM Case Reports

This journal published its last issue in February 2019, and is now closed for submissions. Instead, please submit your Case Report to the Microbiology Society’s new journal, Access Microbiology.

For the last few years the Society has run JMM Case Reports as a standalone journal for medical microbiology Case Reports. While this has provided valuable resources for the medical microbiology community, such a narrow focus has proven to be unsustainable in the longer term. Future Case Reports will instead be published in our new journal Access Microbiology, alongside replication studies, additions to established methods, negative results, research proposals, and data management plans. We believe that too many of these high-value but hidden research outputs are being lost, and are launching Access Microbiology in an attempt to help resolve the issue.

JMM Case Reports published original scientific Case Reports within the field of medical microbiology and covering all types of micro-organisms. Articles covered a broad perspective of microbiology (e.g. infectious disease, virology, mycology, bacteriology and parasitology), antimicrobials, or microbial diagnostics, and provided a focus on current research or served an educational value. Case Reports described interesting and/or novel diagnoses, pathogenesis, investigations, treatment and/or management of infectious diseases in humans or animals. The journal and every article we’ve published in it will remain available on this website, www.microbiologyresearch.org, and is also stored for long-term preservation in both Portico and CLOCKSS.  

For more information about JMM Case Reports, Access Microbiology, or any of our other journals, please see the Information for Authors pages, or email us at [email protected]


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